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Firmware Receiver Revenge C8051t latest update

Dish baba updates the latest Revenge C8051t. Actually, this satellite dish decoder has never been seen by the dish baba as well as the brand that is rarely found with a receiver like this Revenge. Whether it’s just a home importer or just a lack of information from those who have a brand. But judging from the firmware,… Read More »

Download Firmware Strong Tiger TG-4980+ Plus HD

The Dish Baba updates the latest SW satellite dish Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD. The digital decoder from Strong Tiger has been broadcasting Indonesian Satellite. And next time we will discuss products from Strong Tiger about the Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD software, This Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD receiver is one of the… Read More »

Download Aster S5000 digital satellite software

Dish Baba updates the latest Aster S5000 digital satellite software. Maybe this Aster S5000 receiver is very unfamiliar to some people, but if you often look for a satellite dish receiver firmware the Aster is nothing new. For those who frequently open the Tiger Star website, most likely have seen the Aster S5000 software download… Read More »

Red Tiger M3 HD Receiver latest software

Dish baba updates the latest Red Tiger M3 decoder SW. Digital from Tiger Star is pretty much Dish baba review. The Red Tiger M3 is also one of the satellite dish receivers released by Tiger. And maybe of the many who read this post already have a Red Tiger M3 receiver. Red Tiger M3 star… Read More »

Download Super Golden Lazer HD power VU software

Today we update the latest Super Golden Lazer HD Powervu Key Software.satellite decoder software. Digital satellite dish from Super Golden Lazer Technology is increasing again to be reviewed. Previously, there were several receivers included in the review and this time we will review the Super Golden Laser again and we choose the Super Golden Lazer.… Read More »

star x software Download the latest version

star x software Download hello friend Aaj main app ke Saath( star x software Download ) ka sub Modal ka latest software share karunga doston star x ar Iske jitne bhi latest model Hain Yeh Sab acchi quality e k original receiver Hain Jeene ka software original free Hota Hai . doston main personality star… Read More »

Tiger receiver latest software Download

Tiger receiver software download tiger t800 full HD software updates the latest firmware of the Tiger satellite dish receiver. This satellite decoder and Tiger Star add to the range of the T series that other reviews. The Tiger receiver is one of several Tiger Star satellite dish decoders that uses the Montage CS8001 chipset Tiger… Read More »