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Download latest Software Solid HDS2 2100 DLX

Dish Baba updates decoder SW Solid HDS2 2100 DLX satellite dish. Solid digital satellite releases for some people in Asia may be familiar because there are several regions in Asia that often communicate asking for Solid HDS2 2100 DLX firmware. But maybe you’ve never seen the receiver but have often been asked about this Solid… Read More »

Download latest Spider I6000 Firmware

Dish Baba updates the latest Spider I6000 Firmware satellite dish SW. Decoder Spider may be familiar to some Indonesians, especially those who want to try external firmware according to the receiver they have. It’s just that there aren’t many types that are compatible with satellite receivers in Indonesia, one of which is the Spider I6000. The Spider… Read More »

Download Aster S5000 digital satellite software

Dish Baba updates the latest Aster S5000 digital satellite software. Maybe this Aster S5000 receiver is very unfamiliar to some people, but if you often look for a satellite dish receiver firmware the Aster is nothing new. For those who frequently open the Tiger Star website, most likely have seen the Aster S5000 software download… Read More »

Hershman receiver latest software Download

Hershman receiver latest software version  Hershman receiver,if you are interested in searching for equipment for satellite receiver in Arab countries only name being in Arab countries is Harsh man it is very affected for the Arab countries which promote channels in Arab countries Harsh man introduce many models which are very e good quality so… Read More »