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btv national Biss key- BTV national frequency

Btv national Biss key Bangladesh Television (Bengali TV), also known by the acronym BTV, is the state television station in Bangladesh. It was broadcast on 25 December 1964 as Pakistan Television in former East Pakistan. After independence in 1971, it was renamed Bangladesh Television. Color transmission began in 1980. Around 2 million televisions receive broadcasts… Read More »

satellite Biss key update latest 2019

Biss key update all satellite Biss Key: (Basic Enterprise Scripting System) is commonly known as BISS, a satellite signal socking system, developed by the European Broadcasting Union and Consumerium of Hardware Manufacturers. India channel new Biss Key H.B.O (INDIA) On IntelSat.20 @68.5E FREQ: 3974 H 19500 PowerVU Key: 00: 42871CD4A57B0C00 01: BD9B6F49812D2700 PowerVu update… Intelsat… Read More »