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Red Tiger M3 HD Receiver latest software

Dish baba updates the latest Red Tiger M3 decoder SW. Digital from Tiger Star is pretty much Dish baba review. The Red Tiger M3 is also one of the satellite dish receivers released by Tiger. And maybe of the many who read this post already have a Red Tiger M3 receiver. Red Tiger M3 star… Read More »

Download Latest software LGsat 101 Stars new Guo Xin

hello friends to we update the latest LGsat 101 Stars New Guo Xin software for the latest digital Garmedia Guo Xin. this Receiver is New Guo Xin HD decoder is one of the new Garmedia receivers with a New label, and is different from the previous receivers, even though the function is the same to… Read More »

Raylan TG140 Mini HD receiver latest software download

Dish baba updated the latest Raylan TG140 Mini HD receiver firmware. Satellite dish decoder from Raylansat probably not many people know about it, besides that there is little detailed information about Raylan sat receiver products, as well as Raylan, sat receiver series not circulating in the digital satellite market in Indonesia. So it can be… Read More »

latest UCLan B6 CA satellite dish SW receiver

Hi, everybody today we update the latest UCLan B6 CA satellite dish SW receiver. The decoder of UCLan is quite a lot but it is rarely known by satellite receiver users in Indonesia because UCLan is not a brand that is circulating in Pakistan, Indonesia but in Russia. So it is not strange if by… Read More »

Download Super Golden Lazer HD power VU software

Today we update the latest Super Golden Lazer HD Powervu Key Software.satellite decoder software. Digital satellite dish from Super Golden Lazer Technology is increasing again to be reviewed. Previously, there were several receivers included in the review and this time we will review the Super Golden Laser again and we choose the Super Golden Lazer.… Read More »

latest Kaonsat 899 HD firmware download

Dish update the latest Kaonsat 899 HD firmware. Digital dishes from Kaonsat are indeed very diverse, from DVBS to DVBT. For this time we discuss their product and we choose it is Kaonsat 899 HD. Maybe, for the most part, they are still unfamiliar with this receiver at the time the Dish baba made a… Read More »

latest Redline TG140 satellite dish receiver software

Hi, everyone Today we update the latest Redline TG140 satellite dish receiver software. A Redline satellite dish receiver could be familiar to users of satellite decoders in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, etc. it has also published several Redline receivers, and in fac,t not all of them have been published yet. And by this time we… Read More »

latest firmware receiver of the Sstrong j-8070

Hi friends Today we updated the latest firmware receiver of the Sstrong j-8070. This parabolic decoder from Sstrong Lion Technology may be uncommon to know. Dish baba itself also just found out that there is a Strong J 8070 in the receiver. This is understandable because indeed the Strong J 8070 receiver is not circulating… Read More »