Ali 3510c HW203.00.015 latest ten sports software

By | July 18, 2019
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Ali 3510c GX6605S HW203.00.015 latest Ten sports PowerVu software

Hello friends Today I am sharing latest software Ali 3510c GX6605S HW203.00.015 latest Ten sports PowerVu software HW203.00.015 receiver is a satellite decoder that uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. And HW203.00.015 software use many receivers that use the Guo Xin chipset

system information

Ali 3510c HW203.00.015

In Asia and Arab Country, the hardware version code does not yet exist, but with a little tricking or editing firmware, the HW203.00.015 software is easily used by Guo Xin chip receivers in Pakistan, let alone the HW203 series. For other series can be easily used through the hard flash process. Most likely only different in the panel and remote configuration only.

On this page, Dishbaba wants to provide a download link for the latest Ali 3510c HW203.00.015 software. If you want to use the HW203.00.015 software upgrade or to another receiver, please check first, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need an HW203.00.015 receiver firmware, please download from the following link

  • Hardware Version: HW203.00.015
  • Software Version: 3436
  • software update date Jan 8, 2019

HW203.00.015 old Menu

Ali 3510c HW203.00.015  manu

  • File type .bin

Click Link Below To download the latest software

Hardware Version Date Download
HW203.00.015 17-07-2019 Download

update information picture

upgrade type

Watch the Video Tutorial

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