Firmware Receiver Revenge C8051t latest update

By | February 24, 2021
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Dish baba updates the latest Revenge C8051t. Actually, this satellite dish decoder has never been seen by the dish baba as well as the brand that is rarely found with a receiver like this Revenge. Whether it’s just a home importer or just a lack of information from those who have a brand. But judging from the firmware, the Revenge receiver frequently updates the SW.

Revenge C8051t

Judging from this Revenge firmware, Dish Baba in receivers that use the Montage C8051T chipset. There have actually been a lot of parabolic receiver software that uses this chipset, but for Revange as long as it is remembered that Indonesian Satellite is the first time discussing it on a special page.

For the discussion of the Revange C8051T receiver, this is not the first time for Indonesian Satellite, previously it has also been discussed on the  For the Revange C8051T firmware, I have tried using Skybox A1 Plus, for the next update it might just be a link without trying it first.

Here, Satellite Indonesia will provide a download link for the latest Revange C8051T software. For those who want to upgrade the receiver software using the Revange C8051T firmware, please check first and make sure it is not corrupt, and first edit the remote configuration according to the receiver’s default remote. For those who need the M245 CA Firmware firmware, please download it from the following link

Download the Tiger Star M245 CA Firmware

HW ModelHSB133 (265)
HW VersionHS1189-8051-01 (B)
SW Model817_8051T
WiFi Chipset5370, 7601, 8188
SW Version221.1.25615

2 thoughts on “Firmware Receiver Revenge C8051t latest update

  1. Noah

    Pls software for TG 140 board type
    Loader version. V1.7.6 1
    Default db. V1.2.0.0
    Application Fac_2020_v1.0.25


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