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By | February 2, 2021
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Dish Baba updates decoder SW Solid HDS2 2100 DLX satellite dish. Solid digital satellite releases for some people in Asia may be familiar because there are several regions in Asia that often communicate asking for Solid HDS2 2100 DLX firmware. But maybe you’ve never seen the receiver but have often been asked about this Solid HDS2 2100 DLX software.

Firmware Solid Hds2 2100 Dlx Update Receiver Software

Download Solid HDS2 2100 DLX Software Update Firmware Set Top Box

The Solid HDS2 2100 DLX receiver is a digital satellite dish that uses the Montage C8001T chipset. Quite a few nowadays the receiver uses the Montage C8001T chipset, it is a pity in Indonesia for the FTA type, as far as Indonesian Satellite knows only Skybox A1 Plus. Other receivers that use the C8001T chipset in Indonesia have yet to be found.

Digital Solid HDS2 2100 DLX in Indonesia is probably the same as Skybox A1 Plus. So it is understandable if there are a number of users of the Solid HDS2 2100 DLX receiver using the Skybox A1 Plus firmware. For solid firmware hds2 2100 DLX set-top box, there are 2 versions of the customer ID that Dish Baba found, namely 111 and 1B7. It could be that both of them are the same if you want to switch to using USB recovery flash.bin

Download Solid HDS2 2100 DLX Software

Here, Dish Baba wants to provide a download link for the latest Solid HDS2 2100 DLX software. For those who want to upgrade the Solid HDS2 2100 DLX software or want to use it in another receiver, please check first, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who want to download solid firmware hds2, 2100 DLX set-top box please from the link below

Download Solid HDS2 2100 DLX Software

Hardware ModelHS1139 (265)
Hardware VersionHS1139-8001-02 (C)
Model Software2370_PATCH_V3_8001T
SW CodeH190483 H200104 H200215 H200247
Wifi Chipset5370, 7601, 8188
Software Version1b7.1.48310
UpdateDec 07 2020 17:22:33

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