Download latest Spider I6000 Firmware

By | August 31, 2020
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Dish Baba updates the latest Spider I6000 Firmware satellite dish SW. Decoder Spider may be familiar to some Indonesians, especially those who want to try external firmware according to the receiver they have. It’s just that there aren’t many types that are compatible with satellite receivers in Indonesia, one of which is the Spider I6000.

Download Spider I6000 Firmware

The Spider I6000 decoder is a receiver that uses the Montage series 8001T chipset. Actually, there are already many satellite dish receivers with the Montage 8001T chipset that Indonesian satellites have discussed, and now the I6000 Spider is adding more. For products from Spider that use the Montage chipset, it looks like the new Spider I6000 is compatible with receivers in Indonesia.

Download Spider I6000 Firmware

For in Indonesia, the users of the Montage 8001T chipset know that the new Indonesian satellite is Skybox A1 Plus. Others may also exist, but the Indonesian Satellite does not have the goods to test. Using the Spider I6000 software on Skybox A1 Plus is quite easy, maybe if it is different, most of the parts of the customer id, led display, remote and others are usually the same. So before use, make sure the remote config has been changed even though the Skybox A1 remote config may already be available.

On this page, Dish baba would like to provide a download link for the latest Spider I6000 software. For those who need to upgrade the Spider I6000, please download from the table below and don’t forget to check first not to use the corrupt Spider I6000 software so that problems don’t arise after the upgrade.

Download Spider I6000 Firmware

HW ModelHSB133 (265)
HW VersionB195-S10T2
SW Model2370_PATCH_V3_8051T
Wifi Chipset5370, 7601, 8188
SW Version2BB.1.00028
Software Download
UpdateAug 19 2020 16:32:12

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