Download Dreamsat 520 HD Mini Software

By | July 29, 2020
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Dish Baba update SW Dreamsat 520 HD Mini this decoder originating from DreamSat is indeed very diverse, but indeed this is not the first that Indonesian Satellite discussed but there have been several other series. Here we will choose one of the digital versions of Dreamsat namely Dreamsat 520 Mini.

Download Dreamsat 520 HD Mini Software

The Dreamsat 520 HD Mini receiver is a satellite dish receiver that uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. It seems like Dreamsat 520 Mini is included in the TGX 40 series, and there are already a number of receivers with that series that Indonesian Satellite is talking about in several brands such as Redline, Rylan, Condor, and others.TGX40 Series is almost the same as the TGX140 Series,

unfortunately, these types are rarely updated on the emu block. But indeed the TGX40 series can be worn on receivers that use the GuoXin GX6605S chipset that is spread throughout Indonesia. But beforehand it must be open the config tuner first and if necessary also remove the protect software.

Here the Dish Baba will share the download link of the latest Dreamsat 520 Mini software. For those who want to upgrade the Dreamsat 520 HD Mini software or use it in another receiver, don’t forget to check the firmware first to avoid corruption. For those who need the Dreamsat 520 Mini firmware, please download it from the link below

Download Dreamsat 520 Mini Software

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