Download Software Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001

By | May 12, 2020
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Dish BAba updates the latest SW Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001. The satellite dish decoder from Starsat is already quite a lot that Asia discussed, so it’s likely that this web reader is already familiar with the brand. This time we will discuss again one of the receiver’s firmware from Starsat, the Starsat SR-440 HD.

Software Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001

The Starsat SR-440 HD decoder is one of the Starsat digital parabolic series that uses the Guo Xin GX6605S chipset. We know that there are already many versions of Starsat that use these types of chipsets from the Pro, CA models, and for UI25 and 38. The number of Starsat receiver series with these models can be up to 20 more. Even so, the GX6605s Starsat software is only divided into three, hopefully, there will be more.

Download Software Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001

In Asia, there are already many receiver users who use the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. And some of these Starsat series must have been tried too, if you haven’t tried it maybe there is fear or just don’t know. For those who have tried the Starsat SR-440 HD firmware on several GX6005S receivers circulating in Indonesia, please first change the remote configuration.

On this page, Dish Baba will provide a download link for the Starsat SR-440 HD software. For those who want to use it to upgrade Starsat SR-440 HD or use it in other receivers, please check first to avoid corrupt firmware. For those who need the Starsat SR-440 HD firmware, please download it from the following link.

Download Software Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001

Download Software Starsat SR-440 HD
Product NameME200411-STARSAT
Hardware versesHW203.00.001
Master Code0000, 6666, 8765
Chipset WifiMT7601, RT5370
Software VersionV7435
UpdateMar 31 2020

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