Aster A3000 New Update Firmware Receiver

By | April 15, 2020
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Dish Baba updates the latest Aster A3000 satellite dish SW decoder. Digital Aster may already be familiar to some readers of Dish baba websites. There are several Aster receivers which have been discussed starting from the Aster S5000, there are also Aster A2000. Well, this time it’s still one of the Aster products that we will discuss, namely the Aster A3000 software.

Download Software Aster A3000 New Update Firmware Receiver

This receiver is the same as Aster A2000, previously also in the posting of Aster A2000, it has been mentioned that this is the same as Aster A2000, only different in the software series, with the same customer ID. So this Aster decoder is one of the receivers that use the Montage C8001T series chipset.

Download Software Aster A3000 new updated

If Aster A2000 can be used Skybox A1 Plus then so is Aster. For other than Skybox A1 plus in Asia, Dish Baba has not received any info on receivers in Asia that use this Montage C8001T chipset. With the advent of the Aster, this adds to the array of receivers that can be used on Skybox A1 Plus.

On this page, Dish baba will provide a download link for the latest software. For those who want to upgrade Aster software or want to use it to another receiver, please first check the firmware, don’t get corrupted. For those who need Aster A3000 firmware, please download from the following link.a

Download Software Aster A3000

HW ModelHSB133 (265)
HW VersionHSB151-8001-01(B)
Dongle Wifi5370, 7601, 8188
Software Version101.1.10010
UpdateMar 31 2020 12:02:37

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