Skybox A1 Plus K5S New Firmware Receiver

By | March 17, 2020
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Dish baba updates the latest Skybox A1 software receiver K5s. The parabolic decoder is indeed very diverse, with its diversity apparently being able to help its users a little. Where we easily find a firmware update and can be used by other receivers. This time we will discuss the K5S SW receiver that can be used on Skybox A1.

Skybox A1 Plus Plus K5S Firmware Receiver

Noteworthy not all firmware, Hellobox V5, Hellobox V5 Plus can be used in other receivers, so be careful if you can’t hard flash. This time the K5S firmware can indeed be used as a new 4MB, 8MB skybox a1 SW receiver or the Skybox A1 plus software, and can also be in other identical receivers.

Download the Latest SW Skybox A1 Plus Plus K5S Firmware Receiver

How to upgrade theThis new firmware, plus use SW to adjust to the initial firmware. For how to upgrade SW Skybox a1 new 4MB with hard flash, if you can upgrade SW new skybox a1 8mb and plus it can be with USB recovery. For those who want to return to the initial firmware, you can use the auto burn method. And make sure if you use this k5S firmware for New Plus it can be a hard flash to avoid problems. For those who need a new Skybox A1 software update, please download from the following link

Download Firmware SW Skybox A1 K5S

Model IDV5
H/W versionV1.0.0
S/W versionV1.0.0
Update17 – 03 – 2020
Chipset Dongle WifiMT7601
RemoteSkybox, App Android Freesat 2

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