Download the latest Software Lion CA HD Receiver

By | February 13, 2020
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Dish baba updates the latest SW receiver from Lion CA HD. Lion decoder with Lion CA type is quite a lot. But if you really often read Indonesian Satellite posts, then most likely already know some of these types, just call Lion 6868 + Plus Well this time we are posting the Lion CA firmware.

Download latest Software   Lion CA HD Receiver

This Lion CA receiver uses a Montage chipset, there are DVBS2 and DVBS2X. So it’s quite a lot of series. Unfortunately, until now there is no Lion CA type that is really identical to the receiver in Indonesia, although the firmware can be used for some receivers in Indonesia such as the K5S type.

Download Lion CA HD

Download Lion CA HD Software Update Set To Box Firmware Receiver

Some predictions of this Lion CA software can be used in Tanaka Elang, Tanaka Spider, 8MB Big Burger Matrix. However, due to receiver limitations where dish baba does not yet have these items to check, it is not yet certain. So it is hoped that those who want to try on a receiver other than Lion CA are careful and make sure they can hard flash.

On this page Dish, Baba wants to provide a download link for the latest Lion CA software. For those who want to upgrade a receiver that is included in the Lion CA list, please check the firmware first, don’t use corrupt software. For those who want to download Lion CA firmware please from the following link

Download Lion CA HD Firmware

x20 +x 22
x48 +815
4937 ++x32
Model NumberLION-CA
3G ModelHUAWEI E1780 / E261 / E177 / E180
USB Ethernet ModelSR9800 / AX8872A / AX8872B
Update14 – 01 – 2020
RT5370 softwareDownload it

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