Hijrah TV frequency and symbol rates Telkom 4 satellite

By | February 11, 2020
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Dish baba updates Hijrah TV frequency and symbol rates on the latest Telkom 4 satellite. Hijrah TV Channels adds to the list of available channels on Telkom 4 that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV.

Hijrah TV frequency

Hijrah TV Channel is a television broadcast that broadcasts Islamic da’wah programs. It is hoped that the presence of Hijrah TV broadcasts can lead to the path of goodness in accordance with Islamic law. In this Hijrah TV channel, we can watch and gain knowledge from the live broadcast or not from the Ustad, especially from the Lampung region.

Frequency of Hijrah TV broadcasts on the latest Telkom 4 satellites

How to find Hijrah TV channels easily, that is, we have to track Telkom 4 satellite then add the Hijrah TV frequency number manually in the transponder list. Next scan the latest Hijrah TV transponder on the Telkom 4 satellite. It can also do a blind scan on the locked Telkom 4 satellite. If you are still confused about the TV Hijrah frequency code, please see the following technical data.

 Migrate TV
SatelliteTelkom 4
Transponder3719 H 32728
Rate symbol32728
Transponder ID2
Channel NameHijrahTV
Service TypeAdvanced Codec SD Digital Television
Running Statusrunning
Provider NameMedia Da’wah People
The videoH.264 Video
PID video291
Stream TypeH.264 Video
ITU-T Rec. H264 | ISO / IEC 14496-10
Resolution720 x 576
Aspect Ratio4: 3
AudioAAC Audio
PID audio292
Stream TypeAAC Audio (ISO / IEC 13818-7)
Network Date05-Feb-20 07:53:19 [GMT +7]
Updates on 07-Feb-20 05:10:48

TV Hijrah Data Rate

Stream TypePIDRate (kbps)Percent
AAC Audio0x012452.200.12
H.264 Video0x01231032.842.39
Null Packets0x1FFF22606.3152.23

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