latest SW TNT Star X8 Combo. TNT Star decoder

By | February 10, 2020
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The dish baba satellite updates the latest SW TNT Star X8 Combo. TNT Star decoder is quite a lot of variants from the usual model for FTA, Combo. But indeed this TNT Star receiver is not circulating in Indonesia, but there are some people who can import it to bring in the TNT Star X8 receiver in Indonesia.

latest SW TNT Star X8 Combo. TNT Star decoder

The TNT Star X8 receiver is one of the parabolic decoders that use the Montage C8001S series chipset. Quite a lot of variants besides TNT Star X8 Combo, from Fortec, Q Box, NewMax and others. Unfortunately, these models are quite closed, so it is a bit difficult to get the firmware to the public.

Download the TNT Star X8 Combo S2X + T2 + C Firmware Receiver

In Indonesia, the official combo model is Skybox A1 Combo. Most likely you can also use this TNT Star X8 Combo firmware. Unfortunately, Indonesian Satellite does not have a receiver yet, so it cannot try and know the features in this firmware and cannot be sure of Skybox A1 Combo.

On this page, Dish baba will provide a download link for the TNT Star X8 software. For those who want to upgrade a TNT Star X8 receiver or use it for other receivers, please check first, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need TNT Star X8 firmware, please download from the following link

Download the Q-Box Master X9 HD Firmware

HW ModelHSB133 (265)
HW VersionHSB151-8001-030
SW Model8001S030 combo
WiFi Chipset5370
SW Version001.0.00133
UpdateJanuary 2 2020 16:19:32
SoftwareDownload it

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