latest UCLan B6 Metal satellite receiver software

By | February 1, 2020
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Dish baba updates the latest UCLan B6 Metal satellite dish SW receiver. The UCLan release decoder is quite a lot but it is rarely found in satellite receiver users in Indonesia because UCLan is not a brand that is circulating for Indonesia but in Russia. So it is not strange if by default the language used uses Russian writing.

UCLan B6 Metal satellite receiver software

The UCLan B6 receiver is one of the decoders from Russia that uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. Actually, quite a lot of decoders in Russia use the NationalChip or Guo Xin chipset, but it’s quite a bit of an update rarely compared to other regions. Even so, the UCLan is also quite active in the update.
Usually, these Russian receivers focus more on IPTV so firmware is often found that for OTT can be used in a set to box NationalChip chipset, not only GX6605S but also GX6622 and there are still a few other chipsets. For UCLan B6 Metal, it is identical with a number of NationalChip GX6605S receivers in Indonesia, but it has to replace the EPROM to 8MB and replace the config tuner, as well as the remote.

On this page, Dish baba wants to share a download link for the latest UCLan B6 Metal firmware. For those who have a receiver and want to upgrade the UCLan B6 software or use it to another receiver, please check the firmware first so you don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need the UCLan B6 firmware, please download it from the link below

Download UCLan B6 Metal satellite receiver software

Update08-01 – 2020
Model NameuClan B6 Metal
Wifi Chipset5370, 7601
USB-Lan88772, sr9700, sr9800, RTL8152, MCS9900
Patch Code6836
Master Code8765
Blue UI SoftwareDownload

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