Download latest software-Box Master X9 HD Receiver

By | February 1, 2020
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Dish baba updates the latest SW Q-Box Master X9 HD satellite dish receiver. Digital decoder from Q Box has several times been informed about Dish baba and there are also some that have been posted on this Dish Baba website. And this time it’s still the same product from Q Box that we will discuss is Q-Box Master X9 software.

Download latest software-Box Master X9 HD  Receiver

This Q-Box Master X9 receiver is one of the many satellite dishes in the world that uses the Montage CS8001 chipset. There are already many variants coming out with this Montage chipset, so more and more firmware opportunities can be identical, though not exactly the same but can still be used. Although it is sometimes quite complicated in upgrading the software.
his Q-Box Master X9 decoder has some similarities with other Q Box series with its customer id like Q Box 0+, Q Box Star Master but the series doesn’t know too much, there is also Q Box Master which is the same series that hasn’t been discovered yet. Some of these series can exchange firmware even if the error is probably just a download error or does detect a different folder.

On this page, Dish baba wants to provide a download link for Q-Box Master X9 HD software. For those who want to upgrade the Q-Box Master X9 can actually use the online upgrade feature, but if it is difficult it is safer to use offline upgrades. For those who want to download and use to upgrade the Q-Box Master X9 receiver or use it in another receiver, please check first so it doesn’t corrupt. For those who need Q-Box Master x9 firmware, please download it from the following link

Download the Q-Box Master X9 HD Firmware

HW Model HS1168 (265)
HW Version HS1168-8001-01 (C) .030
SW Model 2370_PATCH_V3_8001S
WiFi Chipset 5370
Size 4MB
SW Version 048.0.06775
Update Jan 14 2020 09:38:19
Software Download it

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