Super Gold Sg-666 Hd Receiver latest Software

By | January 10, 2020
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Hello, Friends Today I M Sharing With You Super Gold Sg-666 Hd software. This may be rarely known by satellite dish receiver users in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India. But maybe someone already knows about the 1507g board, But This Time we discuss the Super Gold Sg-666 Hd New update

Super Gold Sg-666 Hd Receiver latest Software

The  1507g  1G receiver is a satellite dish decoder that uses the Montage SunPlus chipset series. This series of Dish baba has been discussed a lot, but indeed from Star net this time. This should be understood because this Super Gold receiver is not circulating in Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudia Ariba but in the Middle East region, the limitations of understanding Arabic make information about this Super Gold Sg-666 receiver only a few are understood.

How to Enable CCAM Super Gold Sg-666 Receiver

Go to Setting On the Setting Press this (1502)

Super Gold Sg-666 Receiver latest Software Download

On this page, Dish baba wants to provide a download link for the latest  1507g– 1G. For those who want to upgrade   Sg-666 receiver software or use it to another identical receiver, please download and check the firmware, don’t use corrupt ones. For those who need  Super Gold Sg-666 receiver   firmware, please download from the following link

Hardware VersionDK-V1-01
Software Model207 7601+5370
Software Version1507g
Update12 – 31 – 2019

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