Download latest Icone 02 HD satellite Receiver software

By | December 31, 2019
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Dish Baba updates the latest Sw Icone 02 HD satellite decoder. Digital satellites from Icone are not new in Asia, there have been many series of receivers that Dish baba reviewed. Some of their release receivers are as identical as receivers in Asia from Montage, Guo Xin, Sun Plus, so with the advent of the Icone 02 this Dishbaba has become a common thing.

Icone 02 HD

Download Icone 02 New Software Update Firmware Receiver Online

Although the same between the Icone i130 + Plus with Icone 02 there are slight differences, especially in the online upgrade link section. So for those who use the Icone O2 firmware will always update from the same link and it is not possible to link the Icone i130 + Plus. But for Icone i130 + Plus which uses version 30004 will move to Icone 02 HD, either because of an error in placing files or deliberately put one online later update.

On this page, Dishbaba wants to provide a download link for the latest Icone 02 HD software. For those who want to upgrade the Icone O2 receiver software, please check the firmware first, especially for those who want to use another receiver. For those who need Icone O2 firmware, please download from the following link

Download Icone 02 HD Firmware

Update Dec 26 2019 13:11:30
Receiver Information
HW Model HSB133 (265)
HW Version HSB133-8001-02 (A)
SW Model icone O2
WiFi Chipset 7601
Size 8MB
SW Version 0a2.0.30006
Software Download it

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