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By | December 4, 2019
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Dish bab updated the latest Mola Matrix software. The Mola Matrix decoder must be familiar to users in Indonesia. We know that there are two Mola Matrix namely black and white. For the second release, the receiver is the same, namely the Parabolic Matrix. This time we focus first to discuss the Black – Mola Matrix.

Mola Matrix Black

Black Mola Matrix Receiver is one of the receivers from the Parabolic Matrix that uses the Montage chipset. For the series T series possibility, because the Dish baba does not yet have the goods, it is not certain yet, but you can also see the firmware features offered by other receivers.

Download the Latest Mola Matrix SW Receiver Firmware
Just like other subscription TV receivers, SW Mola Matrix has very few features. So for FTA type receiver users don’t need to try if they are not curious. But if you are curious to see how the Mola Matrix menu display, please try it, the important thing is to have a remote from the Parabolic Matrix if you don’t want to be difficult.

This Digital Mola Matrix is ​​dedicated to the Ku Band Garuda Matrix, in order to open the HEVC Champions TV channel. For those who have the receiver and want to upgrade the SW Mola Matrix, please check first after downloading. For those who need Mola Matrix firmware, please download it from the following link

Download SW Mola Matrix Black

About Information
Product ID F4000012
Software Version 0.00.0016
Last Update 18 – 11 – 2019
Size 8MB
Software Download

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