Download Software Sniper F16 HD Receiver

By | November 21, 2019
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F16 HD Receiver, Dish baba updated the latest SW satellite dish decoder Sniper F16. Maybe we are very unfamiliar with the Sniper brand, even the first time reading might immediately remember the shooting of tobacco. We are not here to shoot shots but we will discuss a bit about Sniper receiver software and what we will choose first is Sniper F16.

Sniper F16 HD Receiver

The Sniper F16 receiver is a satellite dish decoder that uses the Montage 80510T chipset series. This series of Dish baba has been discussed a lot, but indeed from Sniper this time. This should be understood because this Sniper F16 receiver is not circulating in Indonesia, but in the Middle East region, the limitations of understanding Arabic make information about this Sniper F16 receiver only a few are understood.

Download Software Sniper F16 HD Update Firmware Receiver

In Indonesia alone, receivers rarely use these series chipsets. But even that series can run smoothly on Skybox A1 Plus receivers. So even if the Skybox A1 Plus firmware is rarely updated or there are currently no more updates, there are still many alternatives that can be used. However, most of them have to be via USB recover on Skybox A1 Plus because they have different customer IDs and are usually protected.

Sniper F16 HD

On this page, Dish baba wants to provide a download link for the latest Sniper F16 software. For those who want to upgrade Sniper F16 software or use it to another identical receiver, please download and check the firmware, don’t use corrupt ones. For those who need Sniper F16 HD firmware, please download from the following link

About Information
Hardware Model HSB133 (265)
hardware Version HSB151-8001-01(B)
Software Model 2370_PATCH_V3_8051T
Software Version 233.1.1222
Update 19 – 11 – 2019
Size 8MB
Chipset Wifi 7601, 5370,8188
Software Download

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