Monthly Archives: November 2019

Download Latest 4k Star Ultra R60000

Hello, Friends Today we update the latest SW 4K Star Ultra R60000 satellite dish decoder. Digital satellite from 4K Star might be very foreign to us in Asia,& Arab. In addition to the IT which has never been discussed before, the 4K Star receiver is indeed not the target market for the Asia parabolic decoder… Read More »

Download latest NEOSAT-NS1506HD firmware

HELLO, Everyone This time I am going to updates the latest NEOSAT-NS1506HD firmware. NEOSAT-NS1506 may be rarely known by satellite dish receiver users in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India. But maybe someone already knows about the NEOSAT-NS1506, because the Dish Baba had previously uploaded the NEOSAT-NS firmware. And this time we will discuss… Read More »