Tanaka Nusantara HD receiver software

By | October 30, 2019
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Hello, Friends today we update the Tanaka Nusantara HD receiver software for the latest TransVision. We know that Tanaka Parabola has released SD and HD variants for TransVision Subscription TV. For this time, we will also discuss receivers for TransVision from Tanaka Parabola which are already HD quality, that is, the Tanaka Nusantara receiver TN-01 4K

This Tanaka Nusantara receiver is one of the receivers from Tanaka Parabola that uses the NationalChip GX6616S chipset. Receivers that use this chipset are quite a bit, maybe only Dish baba found from Tanaka Parabola products. Previously the NationalChip GX6616S chipset user that was released and discussed on this website is Tanaka Topas TV.

Download the Latest Tanaka Nusantara HD Transvision SW Receiver Firmware
Both seem to have the same identity or even hardware. However, because as of this writing we do not yet have a Tanaka Nusantara receiver, it is not certain. But if the Tanaka Nusantara firmware can indeed run smoothly on the Tanaka Topas TV receiver. So for those who have this transmission Tanaka receiver, you can try the TV Topas firmware. Whether through USB recovery or multi-EPROM, it’s not recommended to use a USB programmer like CH341A.

On this page, the Dish Baba wants to provide the latest SW Tanaka Nusantara Transvision download link. For those who want to upgrade Tanaka Nusantara HTransvision or want to try the firmware installed in another receiver, please check first. For those who need a Tanaka Nusantara Transvision firmware download link, please from the following table

Download SW Tanaka Nusantara HD Transvision

About Information
Update 2019-10-19
Size 8MB
Master Code 0000
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