how to update Biss key online at Grouhy 6666 Mini HD

By | October 29, 2019
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Hello, friends Today I am going to show you how to update Biss key online at Grouhy 6666 Mini HD receiver along with other ECM keys for Powervu, Tandberg. It’s possible for Skybox users especially Skybox A1 Plus to be familiar with Grouhy 6666 Mini receivers. One of the receivers that are identical to Skybox A1 plus is that the firmware can be used smoothly on the Skybox.

This time, Dish baba wants to introduce one of the features in Grouhy 6666 Mini HD and maybe it will be followed by other receivers from the same manufacturer, of course, Skybox A1 Plus or new if there is another update. The feature that we will discuss is the key update online at Grouhy 6666 Mini HD. And maybe features like this are familiar to some satellite receiver users.

Update Biss Key Online Download Softcam Grouhy 6666 HD

In the past, people used to call it an auto key, from receivers with Linux OS like Matrix Spark, there were also Guo Xin like Getmecom HD5 New Generation, there was also an Extra HD Matrix and 8MB BigBurger Matrix, and maybe many other versions. This feature basically downloads Softcam on the internet directly from the receiver, so it does not require intermediary storage media such as flash. To use the online key update feature at Grouhy 6666 Mini, do the following

Satellite receiver Grouhy 6666 Mini HD

  • Make sure the receiver is connected to the network and make sure it can connect to the SoftCam server
network grouhy 6666 mini Hd
  • Enter Menu, and select the Conditional Access menu
  • Select the Key Edit menu
how to open biss key
  • Open several key lists such as Biss, PowerVu, Tandberg. If necessary, delete all keys
delete biss keys
  • Enter the Key Edit menu and pay attention to the bottom menu
  • Press the yellow button on the remote, if it is correct then the message
biss keys update option
  • Are you sure to start the server?
  • Select the Yes button, wait for the download process, if the notification appears Saving data finished, press OK. Means the process is complete
  • If necessary, check the list of keys in the Biss and so on.
updated biss keys
  • Exit Key edit and go directly to the target channel. If it is open, it means that the key already exists and correct, if it is not yet open, it means that the key does not yet exist or the format is wrong

That’s how to update online key Biss at Grouhy 6666 HD receiver along with other keys. Quite easy for beginners though, it’s just that the receiver used must be connected to the Softcam server whether local or internet. If there are still problems with how to auto key on Grouhy 6666 HD, please discuss in the comments.

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