Download latest TV Vision 32 Smart firmware

By | October 27, 2019
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Dish Baba updated the latest TV Vision 32 Smart firmware. Usually we discuss receivers but for now, we will discuss TVs that already support several tuners. Vision 32 TV is one of Vision’s products that can access satellite, terrestrial or cable. And Dish baba is interested in discussing this TV because of the firmware used.

TV Vision 32 Smart

TV Vision 32 may be of the many TVs that use the NationalChip chipset for the main brain. On TV Vision 32, it uses software that supports NationalChip GX6622. Maybe there are also many who use firmware that supports GX6622 it’s just not met all. Mostly it is for STB OTT.

Download Software TV Vision 32 New Update Firmware

By being able to support the NationalChip GX6622, this TV Vision 32 Smart software can be used at Getmecom HD009 Super + Plus. It’s just that there really needs to be adjustments such as the remote, tuner, boot loader and maybe the widget too if it isn’t comfortable yet. To display the Super Settings menu in the Upgrade menu by pressing code 6969.

On this page, Dish baba wants to provide the latest TV Vision 32 software download link. For those who want to upgrade TV Vision 32 or use a receiver like Getmecom Super Plus, make sure to change some of the above and make sure it is not corrupt. For those who need the TV Vision 32 firmware download link, please use the data below.

Download Firmware Echolink Prime

About Information
Software Version TV_DVB_BOARD_V1.0.33
Build Time 2019-10-25 16:48:32
Size 16MB
Firmware Download

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