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By | October 22, 2019
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Hello, Freinds today we update the latest XBOX Forza HD satellite decoder software. We have discussed a number of receivers from Next, and for this time we will discuss again one of the digital satellite dish software from Next as well and we choose the XBOX Forza. Maybe with the writing of XBOX, there is a part that immediately comes to mind is a game console.


This Forza HD XBOX receiver has nothing to do with the Xbox game console. The Forza XBOX decoder is a receiver from Next that uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. So besides the Forza XBOX Receiver, there are still a number of Next receivers that use the same chipset, there are approximately 13 series with OTA characteristics.

In Indonesia, Malaysia, etc it has actually been introduced for a long time regarding this OTA Next series receiver firmware. So the Dish baba is sure there is no longer a problem with how to use the Forza XBOX software to receivers in Indonesia that use the GX6605S chipset. Maybe it’s just the LED display, the remote is a little problematic. If you just change the Forza HD XBOX remote configuration, Dish Baba believes that there are already many who can.

On this, we want to provide a download link for the latest XBOX Forza software. For those who want to use for upgrading the XBOX Forza receiver or use it in another receiver that uses the Guo Xin GX6605S chipset, please check the firmware first, not to use corrupt software. For those who need XBOX Forza software, please download from the following link.


Do Not Power OFF During Firmware Updating otherwise your Receiver may be Dead

Download Firmware XBOX Forza

About Information
Model   XBOX Forza HD
Application     OTA_0030
Update 26 – 09 – 2019
Size      4MB
Chipset Dongle Wifi        MT7601
Firmware     Download



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  1. Sunil

    Sir iske bad koi b software nhi upgrade ho raha h
    Upgrade file not match likh aaata h


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