Geosat jasper 888 HD latest software

By | October 17, 2019
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Hello Friend Today I am going to sharing updates Geosat jasper 888 HD new. Geosat decoder is quite diverse in Pakistan, Indonesia and various chipsets have graced the receiver’s product which was released in the digital satellite dish market in Asia. This time we will discuss receivers from Geosat Parabola and Dish Baba choosing Geosat Jasper 888 HD New.

Geosat jasper 888 HD

Probably the majority of satellite dish users ask questions about this new Geosat Jasper 888 receiver. This can be understood because it is rather difficult to find this product in the market offline, especially in Java. The New Geosat Jasper 888 receiver is one of the decoders in Indonesia that uses the Montage CS8001 chipset with the hardware code version HW302.02.004.

Geosat jasper 888 HD menu

Download Firmware Geosat Jasper 888 HD New Firmware Receiver
You could say that in Indonesia it is still very rare for something as identical as this, the most common now on the market are those using NationalChip chipsets from the same manufacturer’s output. It looks like the Geosat Jasper 888 New is a factory with several receivers that use ALI as well as Guo Xin which uses HW codes. Unfortunately, the config remote is hidden even though it can be used in various receivers in Indonesia that use the Montage CS8001 chipset.

Here we want to provide the latest Geosat jasper 888 new download link SW. For those who want to upgrade the firmware of the new jasper 888 or want to try other receivers that use the same chipset, please check the firmware first so you don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need the new GeForce 888 Software, please download from the following link

Download SW Geosat Jasper 888 satellite receiver New

About Information
Product Name GEOSAT U37 HD
Chip CS8001
Hardware Version HW302.02.004
System Version 1236
date 14 – 08 – 2019
Fiel Size 4MB
Chipset Wifi MT7601, RT5370
Download Software

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