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By | October 16, 2019
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Hello, Friends Today I am going to update the Kepnix Nano Satellite receiver software and this time for Kepnix. In Pakistan, Indonesia, Kepnix’s parabolic receiver firmware had become an idol, and that was during Kepnix with the C6001S chipset or non-Nano because it was identical to Skybox A1.

Kepnix Nano HD

This time, Dish baba will discuss the Kepnix Nano firmware. You could say this satellite dish continues the Kepnix generation. For Kepnix itself uses the Montage C8001T chipset, and if in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, is identical with Skybox A1 Plus.

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Nano Kepnix had also circulated in the market even though not as much as Skybox A1 Plus. And now its existence seems to sink. Identification of the Kepnix chipset with Skybox A1 Plus, Tiger Star M5, Tiger Star M5 +, Techno Bravia A1 + actually makes it easy for users to choose the firmware, whichever comes first. It’s just that there are usually differences in the remote config and customer ID sections.

Kepnix Nano

For those who have Kepnix receivers and confusion about getting the latest firmware, Dish Baba is trying to collect it. For those who want to upgrade Kepnix, please download the Kepnix software from the following links. The important thing is to be careful in the upgrade process, don’t let the receiver die.

Download Software Kepnix Nano

Update Kepnix Skybox A1 Plus

v1.160 Download Download

v1.16 Download Download

vI0.86 Download

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