frequency & symbol Rate My Family channel Palapa D

By | September 27, 2019
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Dish Baba updates the frequency and symbol rate of My Family on the latest Palapa D satellite. The My Family channel adds to the list of channels in Palapa D that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV.

Channel My Family is a television broadcast that shows box office films that focus on family-themed films, such as friendship, children’s relationships with parents, education and others. The My Family channel is suitable for watching those of you who are married and want to provide quality viewing to children. On K Vision it looks like the My Family channel is on the premium channel list.
How to find the My Family channel easily, we have to track the Palapa D satellite and then add the My Family frequency number manually in the transponder list. Next scan the latest My Family transponder on the Palapa D satellite. Can also do a blind scan on the locked Palapa D satellite. If you are still confused about the My Family frequency code, please see the following technical data.

My Family channel

My Family Logo

Data Information

Satellite Palapa D

Transponder 3601 V 31000

Frequency 3601

Polarization Vertical

Rate symbol 31000

Transponder ID 1

Network ID 1

Network Name Site – 1

Modulation System DVB-S

Modulation QPSK

FEC 1/2

SID 0081

Channel Name MY FAMILY



Service Type Digital Television

Running Status running

Provider Name Harmonic


Conditional Access 0x4A6A (Sky) – Selected

0x0B00 (Conax)

CA PID 1365

Conditional Access 0x4A6A

CA PID 659

Conditional Access 0x0B00 (Conax)

Audio MPEG Audio

PID audio 49

Stream Type MPEG Audio (ISO / IEC 13818-3)

The video H.264 Video

PID video 51

Stream Type H.264 Video

ITU-T Rec. H264 | ISO / IEC 14496-10

Profile Format MPEG-TS High @ L3

Codec ID 27

Resolution 720 x 576 pixels

Frame Rate 25,000 FPS

Aspect Ratio 4: 3

Chroma Subsampling 4: 2: 0

Color Primaries BT.601 PAL

Characteristics BT.470 System B / G


Table Time Data 9/26/2019 11:24:58 PM

Network Date 9/27/2019 5:01:57 AM (GMT +7)

Updates on 9/27/2019 8:13:52 AM

Data Rate My Family channel

Stream Type PID Rate (kbps) Percent
ECM / EMM 0x0555 15.08 0.03
ECM / EMM 0x0293 15.08 0.03
PMT 0x0035 24.22 0.04
H.264 Video 0x0033 658.13 1.10
MPEG Audio 0x0031 167.10 0.28
TOT 0x0014 0.75 0.00
EIT 0x0012 129.56 0.22
SDT 0x0011 25.08 0.04
NIT 0x0010 25.08 0.04
PAINT 0x0001 25.08 0.04
PAT 0x0000 24.01 0.04
Null Packets 0x1FFF 6027.92 10.04

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