NEW FREQUENCY list of Nexparabola channels

By | September 23, 2019
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Dish baba updates the list of existing Nexparabola channels on the latest SES 9 Ku Band satellite. Nexparabola is one of the pay-TV in Indonesia and seems to be the successor of pay-TV via UHF Nexmedia. So this Nexparabola comes after NexMedia stopped broadcasting via UHF TV Digital DVBT in the Jakarta area.


he frequency of this Nexparabola channel is already running in two-band lines namely C Band and Ku Band. Nexparabola occupies the Palapa D satellite for C band and SES 9 Ku Band. The two are likely to be different broadcast listings because for Palapa D it is still helped by other transponders that provide FTA channels if SES 9 seems to stand alone, and it might be helped by the Garuda Matrix frequency that provides FTA channels. For a list of Nexparabola channels on SES 9 Ku Band c band please see the following list

Even though some posts say Nexparabola has nothing to do with the Parabola Matrix, but it seems that it does not dampen the assumption that Nexparabola is a collaboration between Emtek Group and the Parabola Matrix. Earlier, how to open a locked Nexparabola tv broadcast there is a special receiver that is said to be able to make FTV and pay-TV.
List of Ku Band NexParabola channels

SID VPID APID Channel Name

11921 V 45000 DVB-S2 8PSK

0065 0259 0321 O Shop

0066 025A 0322 SCTV HD

0067 025B 0323 Indosiar HD

0068 025C 0324 O Channel

0069 025D 0325 ANTV

006A 025E 0326 TV One

006B 025F 0327 Trans TV

006C 0260 0328 Trans 7

006D 0261 0329 Compass TV

006E 0262 032A Metro TV

006F 0263 032B Net

0070 0282 034A RTV

0071 0265 032D National TVRI

0072 0266 032E Love Nature HD

0073 0267 032F Zee Cinemas

0075 0269 0331 Smith Sonian

0077 026B 0333 Zoo Moo

0078 026C 0334 Hooray Channel

0079 026D 0335 Citra Drama

007A 026E 0336 Entertainment Image

007B 026F 0337 Citra Dangdut

007C 0270 0338 Muslim image

007D 0271 0339 Citra Citra

0080 0274 033C Zing TV

0081 0275 033D Drama Imagery

0082 0276 033E Champion 1 HD

0083 0277 033F Champion 2 HD

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