Raylan TG140 Mini HD receiver latest software download

By | September 18, 2019
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Dish baba updated the latest Raylan TG140 Mini HD receiver firmware. Satellite dish decoder from Raylansat probably not many people know about it, besides that there is little detailed information about Raylan sat receiver products, as well as Raylan, sat receiver series not circulating in the digital satellite market in Indonesia. So it can be understood if indeed nobody knows about the Raylan sat receiver.

Raylan TG140 Mini

The Raylan TG140 Mini receiver is one of the best Raylansat release decoders that use the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. It is certain that the readers of the Dish baba website are familiar with this NationalChip GX6605S chipset or better known as Guoxin GX6605S. So it doesn’t hurt if anyone is curious about the Raylan TG140 HD receiver software
Raylan TG140 HD receiver can be considered identical with a number of receivers that have been circulating in the market such as the Redline TGX40 or maybe even the Raylan TG40 Mini which has been a Dish baba review. Because it doesn’t have any of the receivers mentioned it can’t be sure. However, even if you want to use the Raylan TG140 Mini receiver’s firmware in a decoder that uses the GX6605S chipset in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, Egypt, you can. Just change the tuner, remote and some config needed.

Here we will provide a download link for the latest Raylan TG140 Mini software. For those who have a Raylan TG140 Mini receiver, please just download if needed. For those who want to upgrade the Raylan TG140 Mini software, always be careful, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who want to use it to another receiver, make sure you can open the config tuner, replace the remote config-if necessary and edit the widget to remove the protected message.

Download Raylan TG140 Mini HD Software

About Information
Update 10 – 09 – 2019
Application 1.0.32
Model TG140_MINI_HD
Size 4MB
MT7601 Wifi Support Download
RT5370 Support Wifi Download

What is the master Code of TG140 Mini

Master Code 0000,6969

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