latest Redline TG140 satellite dish receiver software

By | August 27, 2019
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Hi, everyone Today we update the latest Redline TG140 satellite dish receiver software. A Redline satellite dish receiver could be familiar to users of satellite decoders in Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, UAE, etc. it has also published several Redline receivers, and in fac,t not all of them have been published yet. And by this time we add more Redline receiver publications and select Redline TG.

Redline TG140

This Redline TG140 receiver is a parabolic decoder that comes in the TGX series. And we know that for this series to use the National Chip chipset, the Redline TG receiver is one of the Redline receivers that use the National Chip GX6605s chipset. For other Redline series that can be said as identical as Redline TG40 and Redline TG90.

Download the Redline TG140 firmware update receiver software

Even this Redline TG firmware can be used by most receivers use the National Chip GX6605S chipset. It’s just that nothing seems identical, so its use must go through hard flash. Even then, there is still something to change, namely the remote settings and tuner settings. And the way it was mentioned on another page.

Here, the Dish baba will provide a download link for the latest Redline TG software. For those who want to update the Redline TG software, check first not to use the corrupt firmware. For those who need the Redline TG firmware, download it from the following link

Download the Redline TG140 HD software

About Information
Application V1.0.31
Update 7-30-2019
SOFTWARE 5370 Download

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