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By | August 27, 2019
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Dish update the latest Kaonsat 899 HD firmware. Digital dishes from Kaonsat are indeed very diverse, from DVBS to DVBT. For this time we discuss their product and we choose it is Kaonsat 899 HD. Maybe, for the most part, they are still unfamiliar with this receiver at the time the Dish baba made a post because it was classified as a new receiver and not yet available in some regions.

Kaonsat 899 HD

Kaonsat classic 899 HD decoder is one of the receivers that use the Montage CS8001 chipset which is actually a K5 generation, but it is not included in K5S according to dish baba. We have already discussed this naming why it is called K5S, K0S. And certainly for those who often read dish baba writings are no stranger to the K5 generation, especially K5S.

Download the Latest Kaonsat 899 Classic K5 SW Software Firmware

there are already many generations of K5, it’s just that for an 8MB EPROM size, it’s officially the new Matrix and now there’s Kaonsat. But make no mistake both are different chip id, maybe if you know the location of the ID chip code and do not play a checksum, Kaonsat 899  firmware can be used on K5S. But seeing the K5S software seems unlikely to be protected by a checksum code. Unfortunately, there is no Kaonsat 899  receiver that has entered the Indonesian Satellite for just a review,

On this page, we will provide the latest download link for Kaonsat 899 . For those who have a receiver and want to upgrade the Kaonsat 899 don’t forget to check the firmware first, don’t use the SW corrupt which can cause problems. For those who need SW Kaonsat 899  please download from the following link

Download the Kaonsat 899 HD Receiver Firmware

Update 05 – 07 – 2019
Modal   K5
Wifi Dongle Chipset         MTK7601, MTK5370
Size    8MB
Software       Download it



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