latest Strong Lion 1818 HD satellite decoder software

By | August 26, 2019
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Dish updates the latest Strong Lion 1818 HD satellite decoder software. Digital satellite dish from Strong Lion Technology is increasing again to be reviewed. Previously, there were several receivers included in the review and this time we will review the strong receiver again and we choose the Strong Lion 1818 decoder.

This Strong Lion 1818 receiver uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. There have been many satellite dish decoders that use this Guo Xin GX6605S chipset which is Dish baba reviews. For the Strong Lion 1818 it is somewhat similar or identical to some GX6605S firmware but not for Indonesia.

Which Type of Chipset Use in Strong Lion 1818

The use of the National Chip GX6605S chipset makes the Strong Lion 1818 HD software quite free to be used by several other receivers, let alone unprotected. Maybe it’s just different in the remote configuration and it’s easy to replace because Dish baba has already discussed how to replace it.

On this page, we want to provide a download link for the latest Strong Lion 1818 firmware. For those who want to upgrade the Strong Lion 1818 software or use it in another receiver, don’t forget to check first so that it doesn’t corrupt, and make sure the remote config is correct. For those who need Strong Lion 1818 firmware, please download from the following link

Download Strong Lion 1818 HD

About Information
Model Number 6605S
Update 27 – 05 – 2019
Size   4MB
Wifi Chipset     MT5370
Software   Download

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  1. Ananta raut

    Please guide me how to replace remote GX 6605 S after software installing . Where you discussing replace remote of gx 6605 s to another receiver want go to this page. thanks


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