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By | August 26, 2019
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Hi everybody, Today w  updates the latest SW Super HD 88. This Super HD satellite dish decoder seems like not all users of satellite receiver know it yet. Not only is the market reach minimal, but it also seems like a brand with just a release. So it looks like the Super HD 88 was released but there was not enough support. It can be seen from the search for information that issued this receiver that is very difficult to find.

Super HD 88

This Super HD 88 receiver uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. And fortunately, even though there is minimal or no support from those who have, a lot of firmware is scattered as identical. It’s just that it depends on whether or not you want to open another firmware to use this Super HD receiver. For this Super HD 88 receiver using the hardware code HW203.00.003.

Download the latest GX6605S Super HD 88 SW Receiver Firmware

From this HW code, there are several receivers in, Egypt,Indonesia, UAE, etc that are as identical as LGsat Bigbang Guoxin, Winasat HD 88N, Gardiner G-88 HD Opus, Optus HD, and many others. From the umpteenth of this identical can indeed exchange SW, so if one update can be used the other, but it is usually the boot logo follows the update.

Here we want to provide a download link for the latest Gardiner Super HD firmware. For those who have a decoder and want to upgrade the receiver or use the software to another receiver, please check the firmware first so they don’t use the corrupt one. For those who need this firmware, please download from the following link

Download the Super HD Software

About   Information
Product Name    U26
Hardware Version HW203.00,003
Software Version     2871
Update 09-11-11 2018
Size      4MB
Wifi Chipset  MT7601, RT5370

what is the Pach code & Master Code of Super HD

6666 Installation Sub Menu and master code is 4 time 0000



  • Fully DV -S / S2 MPEG2 / MPEG4 / H.264 compliant, support HD 
  • 950-2150MHz input frequency. 2-44Mb / S symbol rate 
  • 22K Tone Diseqc 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and USALS support 
  • 5761, 576P, 720I, 720P, 1080I, 1080P support. 
  • High Definition Media Interface (HDMI), version 1.3 
  • USB2.0 for PVR. MEDIA Player & Software update. 
  • Automatic blind scan. 
  • 16: 8 widescreen, 4: 3 letterbox, 4: 3 pan scan. 
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG). 
  • Bones and Subtitle support. 
  • Multi-Language, default English. 
  • Automatic PAL / NTSC conversion

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