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By | August 23, 2019
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Hello, Friends today we updated the latest satellite dish SW decoder iStrong GX 4444 HD. Digital from Strong is indeed very much, various variants of chipset can be found from this one brand. Indonesian Satellite has also reviewed Strong’s receiver software several times and this time we will review the song of one of Strong’s receivers, iStrong GX 4444.

istrong GX 4444

Which kind of chip us en Digital iStrong GX 4444 HD Modal

Digital iStrong GX 4444 is one of the receivers that use the National Chip GX6605S. There are several variants of the Strong receiver that uses the Guoxin GX6605S chipset. Call it the old variants such as iStrong 1500GX, iStrong 1550GX, iStrong GX 3535 HD and many others. For iStrong GX 4444 is almost identical with iStrong GX 1500.
The NationalChip chipset users continue to grow, from the time of this writing the most recent release is the Anti Mosquito Matrix Burger, and it is estimated that this is identical to the Matrix Burger S8 8MB. Even so, for the Strong GX 4444 receiver’s firmware, it seems that nothing is identical with the receiver in Indonesia, but it can still be used. Although it might have a problem on the LED panel or have to replace the remote config and it’s not a problem that has to be complicated.

On this page, we want to provide a download link for the latest Strong GX 4444 software. For those who want to upgrade the istrong GX 4444 software or want to use it in another receiver, please check first, don’t get corrupted. And for those who need firmware istrong GX 4444 please download from the following link

Download the iStrong GX 4444 Software

Software Version11 – 07 – 2019
Model NumberV1.5.0-SVN_2484
Wifi ChipsetMT5370
Software Download it
File Size4MB

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