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By | August 23, 2019
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Dishababa updated the latest s8 burger firmware for 4MB. This satellite dish receiver from the Matrix may be familiar to users of satellite decoders in Indonesia, UAE, Pakistan, another Asian country. It seems like a lot of people have seen from the Burger Matrix Group that Dishbaba made. But unfortunately, the sw88 s8 HD burger matrix has stalled, possibly because of the focus on the Garuda TV Matrix which has recently made its customers stifling.

matrix s8 burger

For sw8 s8 matrix burger maybe 8mb for some users have got the latest update, different from SW matrix burger 4MB HD which looks like forgotten from the update list. Although the same as using the NationalChip GX6605S chipset, the s8 HD 4MB SW matrix burger no update until this post was made.
Dishababa itself is actually also no problem even without the update of the Parabolic Matrix, besides the receiver has died there is also no new shipment for samples. But Dish baba keeps trying to update the s8 HD 4Mb SW matrix burger following the 8mb s8 burger sw8 update because it’s his 8MB which is still alive to try.

matrix s8 burger INFO

So for those who need a 4MB Matrix Burger firmware or 8MB Matrix Burger here, we will make the latest download link for the s8 matrix burger. But if you want to use it, because this oprekan firmware is not original from the Parabolic Matrix, the advantages and disadvantages of this sw8 burger matrix are definitely higher than the original one. For those who need a 4MB 8MB Matrix Burger firmware.

Product NameSI-HW202.00.008-QR
Wifi Chipset7601, 5370
Update23 – 07 – 2019
Software Version5453
Hardware VersionSI-GX6605S S4
File size4MB


Patch Code 6666 Installation Sub Menu

What the master code of Matrix Burger

Press 4 time 0000

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