Gardiner G 88 HD Ottimo latest software

By | August 21, 2019
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Dish updates the latest Ottimo Gardiner software for the latest Garmedia Guo Xin decoder. The Ottimo G 88 HD digital Gardiner is one of the new outputs of the Garmedia receiver labeled New, and is different from the previous receivers, even though the function is the same to open the K Vision FTV list and several other premium channels by purchasing the available packages.

Gardiner G 88 HD Ottimo

Which Kind of chips Use in Gardiner G 88 HD Ottimo

The New Ottimo New 88 Gardiner G 88 Decoder is identical to the Optus OP 66 HD New Guoxin receive. Both use the Guoxin GX6605S chipset with the same hardware code, HW208.00.011. So both are arguably the same, the hardware is just a different brand, even if it is considered better, just look at the box and marketing language.

HW208.00.011 Gardiner G 88 HD Ottimo

Like the previous review about receivers that use the NationalChip GX6605S chipset, free firmware is used, it’s just that it’s possible to be different in config LEDs and remotes, for config tuners usually circulating in Pakistan, Indonesia another country same. Unfortunately, the Gardiner G 88 Ottimo firmware is not recommended for receivers other than Garmedia because the emu is disabled.

On this page, we want to provide the latest SW Gardiner G 88 Ottimo download link. For those who want to upgrade this Gardiner G 88 Ottimo Guoxin firmware, first, understand its needs. If indeed the old firmware already meets the need to watch it does not need to upgrade again. But for those who need the Gardiner G 88 Ottimo Guoxin firmware, please download it from the following link.

Download Gardiner G 88 HD Ottimo Guoxin Software

Product NameU39
Hardware VersionHW208.00.011
Software VersionC1001
Software Update 17-08-2019
File Size8MB
Software downloding linksDonwload

update Gardiner G 88 Ottimo Software image

Gardiner G 88

Gardiner G 88 Menu

Gardiner G 88 menu

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