GoldSat Rose mpeg4 latest software Download

By | August 8, 2019
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GoldSat Rose mpeg4 latest software Download

Dish baba updates how to easily upgrade Goldsat Rose yourself. in this post I am sharing latest software Goldsat Rose and also guide you to how you can, upgrading SW receivers seem to be a necessity. This was triggered by various channel security improvements as well as a number of updated API services such as Youtube. So many are also looking for and want to download the latest GoldSat Rose receiver software whether it’s the ALI3510c or NationalChip GX6605s version.
From here, Satellite Indonesia wants to give a few tips on how to upgrade the GoldSAT Rose HD Guo Xin receiver firmware. It will be useless if you have downloaded the latest SW Goldsat rose, but can’t upgrade because you don’t know how or scared. To help the Indonesian Satellite will write a simple way to upgrade the GoldSat rose Guo Xin receiver

Goldsat Rose

Download the latest Goldsat Rose Guoxin GX6605S firmware

Product NameU26
Hardware VersionHW203.00.011
Software Version5376
Update17 – 07 – 2019
Master Code0000
Patch Code6666 Installation Sub Menu
Wifi Chipset MT7601, RT5370


  • Copy to the storage, it is recommended to use a good quality flash disk with a small size.
  • When ready, turn on the receiver
  • Enter Menu select Utility menu
  • Select the Software Upgrade menu
  • We enter the upgrade menu, on the type of upgrade option, select USB Upgrade
  • Enter Section options, there are several options such as
  • All: the upgrade process will replace all the firmware in the receiver with the firmware that will be upgraded
  • Application: the upgrade process will only be done in the application, so the channel will not be eliminated
  • Users: the upgrade process will only be done on DB users or channels.
  • Select as desired and go directly to the File Path section, press OK on the remote
  • Select the file that you want to upgrade. If you have pressed OK
  • If it feels right to select Start and press OK on the remote
  • If we select the correct file, the upgrade process runs but if there is an error message most likely the file we selected is wrong and is not supported.
  • When the process is running, wait patiently, and always try the receiver not to turn off or the electricity will be stable.
  • When it is finished the receiver will restart, and if it can be used normally means that the receiver upgrade process is successful.
  • At this point, Indonesia Satellite hopes that there will be no more confusion about how to upgrade this GoldSat Rose HD Guoxin receiver.
  • The important thing is the file is correct, there is no fear and steps according to the dish baba show there will be no more problems.
  • But if there are still those who are confused and want to ask, please just in the comments section.

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