Ali 3510c HW102.02.999 new ten spots software

By | July 18, 2019
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Ali 3510c Hw102.02.999 latest ten spots PowerVu software Download

Hi everybody, Today I am going to sharing the latest updated Software Ali HW102.02.099. This is used in many other Cina Brand satellite receiver Super HD88, star track, Echolink Modal satellite dish decoder seems like not all users of satellite receiver know it yet. Not only is the market reach minimal, but it also seems like a brand with just a release. So it looks like the. This Ali 3510c Hw102.02.999 uses the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. And fortunately, even though there is minimal or no support from those who have, a lot of firmware is scattered as identical.

Ali 3510c 102.02.999

Download the latest Ali HW102.02.099 Receiver Firmware

Here we want to provide a download link for the latest Ali HW102.02.099. For those who have a decoder and want to upgrade the receiver or use the software to another receiver, please check the firmware first so they don’t use the corrupt one. For those who need this firmware, please download from the following link

Ali 3510c HW102.02.999 Menu image

Ali 3510c 102.02.999
  • Hardware version:102.02.999
  • FILENAME: ALI3510C_HW102.02.999


  • Press the Menu button
  • Now go to Utility
  • now press down Button
  • goto software upgrade
  • press ok button
Ali 3510c 102.02.999
  • now Select your file in USB press ok button
Ali 3510c 102.02.999
Software version DateDownload
HW102.02.999 13-9-2019 Download

Watch Video Tutorial

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