Firmware Receiver Revenge C8051t latest update

Dish baba updates the latest Revenge C8051t. Actually, this satellite dish decoder has never been seen by the dish baba as well as the brand that is rarely found with a receiver like this Revenge. Whether it’s just a home importer or just a lack of information from those who have a brand. But judging from the firmware,… Read More »

Download latest Software Solid HDS2 2100 DLX

Dish Baba updates decoder SW Solid HDS2 2100 DLX satellite dish. Solid digital satellite releases for some people in Asia may be familiar because there are several regions in Asia that often communicate asking for Solid HDS2 2100 DLX firmware. But maybe you’ve never seen the receiver but have often been asked about this Solid… Read More »

Download latest Hellobox GX6605S firmware

Dish baba updates the latest Hellobox GX6605S firmware. This parabolic decoder software cannot be named because there is no info on the receiver series. It’s just that this firmware was released by Freedvb which was formerly known as DVBfinder, that’s why dish baba used the boot logo and chipset name to name the receiver. From the name… Read More »

One Star X5 1506tv 512 4m New Software With Ecast

Hello, Friends Today I M Sharing With You One Star X5 1506tv 512 4m software. This may be rarely known by satellite dish receiver users in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India. But maybe someone already knows about the 1506tv board, But This Time we discuss the One Star X5 1506tv One Star X5 1506tv 512… Read More »

Download Skysat V9 Plus latest Software

Dish Baba updates the latest SW satellite dish receiver download Skysat V9 Plus. The FreeBox decoder may be a bit strange for those of us who live in Indonesia, besides that, digital FreeBox has never been discussed by Dish Baba. For this time we will discuss a little about one of the FreeBox receivers and Dish… Read More »

Download latest Spider I6000 Firmware

Dish Baba updates the latest Spider I6000 Firmware satellite dish SW. Decoder Spider may be familiar to some Indonesians, especially those who want to try external firmware according to the receiver they have. It’s just that there aren’t many types that are compatible with satellite receivers in Indonesia, one of which is the Spider I6000. The Spider… Read More »

UBTV broadcast frequency on the Latest AsiaSat 9 satellite

Dish Baba updates UBTV’s frequency and symbol rate on the latest AsiaSat 9 satellite. UBTV channels add to the list of channels in AsiaSat 9 that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV. UBTV channel is a television channel that broadcasts various entertainment programs such as music, information, community activities and others. UBTV broadcast… Read More »

Download Dreamsat 520 HD Mini Software

Dish Baba update SW Dreamsat 520 HD Mini this decoder originating from DreamSat is indeed very diverse, but indeed this is not the first that Indonesian Satellite discussed but there have been several other series. Here we will choose one of the digital versions of Dreamsat namely Dreamsat 520 Mini. The Dreamsat 520 HD Mini receiver is… Read More »

Download Latest link of Dragon D500 HD

Dish baba updates the latest Dragon D500 HD SW satellite decoder. Dragon receivers may be foreign to digital users in Indonesia. Maybe if you say Tiger Star, most people already know. The dragon seems to have something to do with Tiger Star, as does Aster, iStar, Range, and several other brands. But here we focus on discussing only the… Read More »