UBTV broadcast frequency on the Latest AsiaSat 9 satellite

Dish Baba updates UBTV’s frequency and symbol rate on the latest AsiaSat 9 satellite. UBTV channels add to the list of channels in AsiaSat 9 that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV. UBTV channel is a television channel that broadcasts various entertainment programs such as music, information, community activities and others. UBTV broadcast… Read More »

Download Dreamsat 520 HD Mini Software

Dish Baba update SW Dreamsat 520 HD Mini this decoder originating from DreamSat is indeed very diverse, but indeed this is not the first that Indonesian Satellite discussed but there have been several other series. Here we will choose one of the digital versions of Dreamsat namely Dreamsat 520 Mini. The Dreamsat 520 HD Mini receiver is… Read More »

Download Latest link of Dragon D500 HD

Dish baba updates the latest Dragon D500 HD SW satellite decoder. Dragon receivers may be foreign to digital users in Indonesia. Maybe if you say Tiger Star, most people already know. The dragon seems to have something to do with Tiger Star, as does Aster, iStar, Range, and several other brands. But here we focus on discussing only the… Read More »

Download Tiger Star M245 CA satellite decoder

The Dish Baba updated the latest Tiger Star M245 CA satellite decoder SW. Digital from Tiger Star may already be familiar to Dish baba web readers, especially Skybox receiver users, Venus this is because Tiger Star has long been one of the alternative brands of receiver software. And this time the Indonesian Satellite will discuss again Tiger… Read More »

frequency and symbol rate of TV Muhammadiyah

Dish baba updates the TV Muhammadiyah Frequency and symbol rate of TVMu on the latest Telkom 4 satellite. TVMu Channels adds to the list of available channels on Telkom 4 that can be locked from Indonesia via satellite TV. TVMu channel is a television channel that broadcasts Islamic programs from a variety of news, propaganda, discussion,… Read More »

Download Software Q-Box Anaconda

The Dish baba updates the latest anaconda Qbox SW decoder. Digital parabola from Q-Box may be familiar to some satellite receiver users in Indonesia. Dish baba has also discussed a number of Q-Box firmware, and there are already selling on the market in Indonesia, even though it is only a personal import because the Q-Box brand is… Read More »

Download Firmware Strong Tiger TG-4980+ Plus HD

The Dish Baba updates the latest SW satellite dish Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD. The digital decoder from Strong Tiger has been broadcasting Indonesian Satellite. And next time we will discuss products from Strong Tiger about the Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD software, This Strong Tiger TG-4980 + Plus HD receiver is one of the… Read More »

Download Software Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001

Dish BAba updates the latest SW Starsat SR-440 HD HW203.00.001. The satellite dish decoder from Starsat is already quite a lot that Asia discussed, so it’s likely that this web reader is already familiar with the brand. This time we will discuss again one of the receiver’s firmware from Starsat, the Starsat SR-440 HD. The Starsat SR-440… Read More »

Download Software Infosat HD E168

Dish baba updated the latest Infosat HD E168 software. The Infosat decoder might still be unfamiliar in Indonesia, but for other Southeast Asian regions, especially Thailand, it seems that the Infosat brand is not new. This time, Indonesian Satellite will discuss one of Infosat satellite dish receivers, namely Infosat HD E168. The Infosat HD E168 receiver is… Read More »