iStrong GX-7878 HD software download

Dish Baba updated the latest iStrong GX-7878 HD software. Decoder from Strong has increased again, but actually, there are many releases from Strong, but indeed only the receiver is not all the firmware, so we cannot check. For this reason, we will discuss one of the Strong’s receivers, iStrong GX-7878 HD. IStrong GX-7878 HD receiver… Read More »

Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver new software

Dish baba updated the latest Grouhy 6666 Mini HD satellite receiver firmware. Receivers from Grouhy are quite varied, it’s just that not all know about this brand. This is because Grouhy is not a receiver brand in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc but if I’m not mistaken around Egypt. This time we will discuss is… Read More »

Optus OP 66 HD receiver software download

Optus OP 66 HD receiver software Today I update the Optus OP 66 HD parabolic decoder software for K Vision. Garmedia digital satellites are quite diverse, and this is included in the K Vision network. Later it became crowded because it became one of the alternatives to open MNC Group channels (RCTI, MNC, GTV) besides… Read More »

Gardiner G88HD Red satellite receiver the latest software

Gardiner G88HD Red satellite receiver. today I am sharing update software. The satellite decoder from Gardiner has quite a lot of variants. Several types variants have been touched, especially in the firmware. This time we will also discuss the Gardiner SW receiver, and we choose Gardiner G88HD Red. This Gardiner G88HD Red decoder is one… Read More »

GoldSat Rose mpeg4 latest software Download

GoldSat Rose mpeg4 latest software Download Dish baba updates how to easily upgrade Goldsat Rose yourself. in this post I am sharing latest software Goldsat Rose and also guide you to how you can, upgrading SW receivers seem to be a necessity. This was triggered by various channel security improvements as well as a number… Read More »


ISTRONG GX-2525 LATEST SOFTWARE Dish Baba, the latest firmware update, iStrong GX-2525HD satellite dish receiver. Satellite decoders from Strong are indeed very diverse, there are already a number of which Satellite Receiver discusses. And this time we will discuss one of the receivers from Strong, and dish baba choose iStrong GX-2525 HD. This iStrong GX-2525… Read More »

ALI3510C HW102.02.003 TEN SPORT new software

ALI3510C HW102.02.003 TEN SPORT latest software hello friend Today I am Sharing latest software Ten sports ALI3510C HW102.02.003 ALI3510C HW102.02.003 new software Menu How to Download ALI3510C HW102.02.003 latest software software version Update Download ALI3510C HW102.02.003 17-7.2019 Download how to update ALI3510C software with USB


ALI3510C HW102.02.028 Powe Vu software Ten sports Ok ALI3510C HW102.02.028 system information Product Type: ali3510c powered by: Shahid Hardware version HW 102.02.028 File Size: 4Mb ALI3510C HW102.02.028 menu image how to update software in ALI3510C HW102.02.028 updating software how to download ALI3510C HW102.02.028 software STB INFO UPDATE DOWNLOAD HW102.02.028 17-7.2019 DOWNLOAD AFTER UPDATING MANU IMAGE

ALI3510A HW101.02.992 NEW SOFTWARE

ALI3510A HW101.02.992 TEN SPORTS NEW LATEST SOFTWARE SOFTWARE INFORMATION (STB) Hello, Friends today I am sharing the latest software ALI3510A HW101.02.992 .this software work 100% all scramble channel Ten sports, sony Ten1 Sony Wah Sony BBC Earth, etc work software information ALI3510A HW101.02.992 Hardware Version: HW101.02.992 software version: 7657 Software file size: 4MB Software file… Read More »


ALI3510C HW102.02.033 OK TEN SPOTS SOFTWARE LATEST VERSION STB INFORMATION Hello friend today I am going to sharing the latest software ALI3510C HW102.02.033 TEN SPOTS SOFTWARE 100% work ok ALI3510C HW102.02.033 latest Software Software version update Download HW102.02.033 18-07-2019 Download menu images HOW TO Upgrade software